2 dreams from after ‘metaphor of meltdown’ talk

coming out the mine

Emerging from a coal mine


I am on an escalator or conveyer type belt in the dark with little light but I know that I am heading out of a mine, a coal mine with miners all around me…we exit into the day light I follow them around the corner to a spot where I remove some sort of heavy foot ware… they tend to a machine that pumps oxygen into the mine and I wander away knowing that I am not a full miner yet I am not a tourist either.. I am some transition person… as I round the corner I witness a sort of village that has the theme of mining and many, many people are here to view this tourists to on mining.. I wonder watching this menagerie if I should even be involved in this but it is beyond my doing anyway… I am some how connected to the miners, the tourists and the town…

Living in China

I am a part of an agrarian culture living in China working with the collective…

it is after the work day and we are all relaxing around the fire when a game picks up…it is a game that is a combination of  hurling, polo and cricket… they use just plain sticks in their hands to knock a smaller stick about down into the others teams end and a goal is scored when one team hits the small stick in to a stick in the ground… I am happy doing this…

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