About Doug

about doug hamelWelcome to the site.

Glad you stopped by. I'm a writer/carpenter living in Banff, Alberta, Canada. I finally stumbled over the idea of putting up a website after I realized -why am I still trying to get the gate guardians of main stream publications to look at my stuff?- when all I want is for you to read/watch and judge for your self. So here is my stuff.

I chose the design of the apple tree 'cause I grew up surrounded by orchards. I always loved the experience of walking home from school and picking a Macintosh for a juicy snack. So please pick an apple, and hopefully you will find the pick worthy of your time.

The number of apples mirrors my interests: Banff, comedy, singing, song writing, prose and poems, cooking, carpentry projects, rants and political/artistic commentary…The roots show who has, and continues to influence me.

The Metaphor of Meltdown is a 2 hour presentation in 10 parts, documenting what I have learned while investigating the world economy over an intense 2 year period. Im proud of it. It offers insight I have yet to see elsewhere. But I'd rather hear what you think about it.

Pop by anytime, on the way home from work, after school or while lazing around on a Saturday. Cheers dh

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