Doug’s poems laid over Doug’s photos

the curtian April 14, 2013

this was not an easy poem..it had been w/ me for years and in pieces and pain it came through to a certain joy..

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the picture March 28, 2013

I walked in to a friend’s house, and there was the wedding picture. It hit me hard that I have never had ‘that’ photo. This poem is the result of asking… why?

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night sheath March 21, 2013

doubt has its benefits…

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the path March 5, 2013

About half way through Yellowstone Park and half way through my internal dialogue as to ‘why the hell am I driving to Pheonix to attend a seminar on the economy’ – I was struck. There was this poem hovering in my psyche… and so I pulled over and got it down. Tears and all…its simple and certainly not mystical… but it worked. Hope it works for you. (photo: taken while walking into the upper Kananaskis lake for some fly fishing)

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