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I have no courses currently planned. I apologize but a majority of my time is being devoted to finishing a major construction project. Known as 'the push' in the trades we just finished working 19 days straight for 10 hours a day… yikes me tired… that being said I am always available for interviews or we could discuss possible courses. 

I have taught journaling and dream study in the past and I am in the process of outlining a 'Metaphor of Meltdown' course. 

As for memberships, well I would like to just let things ride for now and see how things develop. This has been a costly enterprise but well worth my time and funds. I have learnt that the secret  of worthy debt is to use funds in an enterprise, that can then repay the original debt. So lets see how things go, for now I would like to share my work and go from there. 



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