Jim Willie on Finance and Liberty, Inflation comes home to America

Post #2… In the Golden Hat Trick – Jim Willie..this is perhaps one of the hardest hitting interviews that Jim has put together. I am going to include the ‘about’ post put up by Finance and Liberty as a quick index to find out what JIm has to say.

Published on Apr 7, 2014
– Japanese economic collapse ahead ►1:13
– Former Bank of Japan Governor says Japan’s QE is ineffective at helping economy.** What about the Federal Reserve’s QE? ►4:40
– Russia to stop trading in U.S. dollar; petrodollar system is ending ►8:44
– How will the average American be affected by the collapse of the petrodollar system – possible hyperinflation in U.S. ►15:19
– Is it too late to prepare? ►24:56
Jim Willie online ►http://GoldenJackass.com

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